Amok has 30 ratings and 0 reviews. Z pewnością w polskojęzycznej literaturze nie było jeszcze takiej pozycji. Jej nielinearna narracja, bezpardonowość, u. 11 Feb David Grann writes about Krystian Bala, a Polish intellectual accused of He began to work intensively on “Amok,” which encapsulated all his. 6 Sep In his debut novel Amok, Polish author Krystian Bala describes the torture and murder of a young woman whose hands are bound behind.

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Amok by Krystian Bala

All along, Bala protested amoo innocence, insisting that he derived the details for the Amok thriller from media reports of the Janiszewski murder. The judge, Lidia Hojenska, further admitted that it was unlikely Bala had acted alone – Janiszewski was 6ft 3in and broadly built. He eventually realizes that the victim’s bank cards were never used again after his murder.

Shortly after reading the novel, the detective begins to connect the dots. He was born into a stable and loving family in the Upper Silesian city of Katowica, the elder of two children – his younger brother, Adrian, 26, is a computer programmer.

InGrann’s article was optioned to be made into a movie by Focus Films. Similarity to grisly work of pulp fiction led police to arrest writer for killing. But fortunately, they are smart enough to compare Bala’s passport stamps with the traffic to the television show website. A Polish pulp fiction writer was sentenced to 25 years in jail yesterday for his role in a grisly case of abduction, torture and murder, a crime that he then used for the plot of a bestselling thriller.


Released in Poland last year, the new film by Alexandros Avranas is soon to be released in independent cinemas throughout the U. But police were unable to make progress in their investigation, and six months later they shelved the case. He likes to make facile puns – ‘They call it the system; I call it the shitstem’ – delivering them with a half-smile, then repeating them to ensure the joke has registered.

Krystian Bala | Murderpedia, the encyclopedia of murderers

Inside, the walls of the large, draughty rooms are crammed with family photographs. Two witnesses heard Bala warn him off with the words: There were violent quarrels and accusations of infidelity on both sides. Polish author convicted Similarity to grisly work of pulp fiction led police to arrest writer for killing The Associated Press – Sept.

Fiction imitated life, it would seem, but only so far. Prosecutors also said someone using Bala’s account on an Internet auction site sold Janiszewski’s cell phone four days after he disappeared.

They were so convinced that the court would release their son at the end of kdystian trial that they had already prepared a ‘Welcome Home’ banner. They got married in In real life, however, Bala got his comeuppance, even though it was seven years after the disappearance of the advertising executive whose murder confounded detectives until they read the book.

Its Polish title is typed on the cover in yellow print: The court also noted that a psychological vala found Bala had “sadistic tendencies” and a need to demonstrate superiority.

Bala, a highly intelligent philosophy graduate with a seemingly unblemished past, now found himself accused of killing his ex-wife’s boyfriend in a fit of jealous rage. When he finds the phrase he is searching for, he slides it through a letterbox-sized slot cut into the metal bars. The case drew widespread media coverage in Poland and resulted in increased sales of the novel as readers looked for clues in the novel to the real-life events of Janiszewski’s killing.


A year later, the couple had a son. Hello, Konbini and I would love you to check this out! There are answerless questions still.

Stranger than fiction

In the article, Grann explores the details of a long investigation conducted by Polish detective Jacek Wroblewski, the man who put Krystian Bala behind bars.

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While Bala maintained he had never met or talked to Janiszewski, police tracked down a phone card used to make calls from a public phone to Janiszewski’s office and then to his cell phone the morning he disappeared. This is the first time Bala has agreed to speak to a journalist since his incarceration – and he has plenty to say. Bala, who has protested his innocence and who contends that the details in his book were gleaned from press reports, is planning to appeal, according krystin his lawyer.

The tip of a big toe protrudes through a hole in his left sock.