Phys Rev Lett. Nov 30;59(22) Anthropic bound on the cosmological constant. Weinberg S. PMID: Download Citation on ResearchGate | Anthropic Bound on the Cosmological Constant | In recent cosmological models, there is an “anthropic” upper bound on . The anthropic bound on a positive vacuum energy density is set by the requirement that rho V should not be so large as to prevent the formation of galaxies.

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Anthropic bound on the cosmological constant.

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Please direct questions, comments or concerns to feedback inspirehep.

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This site is also available in the following languages: The Higgs mass and natural supersymmetric spectrum from the landscape – Baer, Howard et al. Life, the Universe, and everything—42 fundamental questions – Allen, Roland E. The universal wave function interpretation of string theory – Gang, Sha Zhi et al.


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