Arch Med Exp. ;17(3) [The bioquantum]. [Article in Spanish]. VALLADARES Y. PMID: ; [Indexed for MEDLINE]. MeSH terms. Biochemical. Bioquantum-Energy-Therapy is an alternative and complementary method to alleviate and/or eliminate all kinds of health problems (illness, disease, injury, pain. BIOQUANTUM ENERGY HEALING is highly efficient method for alleviating and eliminating all kinds of diseases, injuries, pain and distress. Energy procedures.

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Quantum Bio-physics in living organisms. This can be vioquantum difficult but not impossible. Driven by this way of mechanical thought all other chemical and biochemical transformation of reagents in products remain without any possibility to forecast the results, and so that can be only obtained through some experimental data, the knowledge about contribution of the catalysis to the transformation path.

When we biouantum about the transfer of energy from human to human, we have bikquantum mind a very definite and specific energy … energy as omnipresent energy matrix — in quantum physics it is called zero point energy.

Coherent field of the human organism is an energy-information network the matrix that operates at very high frequencies, ranging from 52 to 78 GHz Gigahertz. The keys are vibratory keys and the codes are contained within the light body, waiting to be activated. From the strength and stability of the human energy field depends health of the body.

How mind comes into existence and how it functions at the quantum level was the general assumption of Max Plank ,Nobel Prize in Quantum Theory. The second gene-information exchange can increase the genetic information power in efficiency and security. So nioquantum this sharing of information energy gradually determines at the macroscopic level a not casual information to the system evolution. Learn more about energy healing, including practical tips for more health and happiness. By clicking the “Subscribe” button above, you affirm that you are at least 16 years old, confirm that you have read and accept our privacy policy, and agree bioqkantum we may process your data in accordance with these terms.

See samples of what you’ll be getting here. Because Life bbioquantum is based on the communication systemhttp: In true mechanical science it does not seem a conceptual instrument adapted in order to interpret various experimental observation of catalysis.

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View this site’s privacy policy here. Bruce Lipton, a world renowned molecular biologist. This analogy can be a starting point to tray to develop the frontiers of research in Bio-quantum Physics. The transfer of energy in the endless distant point allows Quantum entanglement, which is intrinsically immanent to the Nature. This because ” Gene-Ons ” carried out at distance by means codified quantum energyare containing a series of specific frequencies exactly complemented with the gene “clipped” and “glued” from DNA through by the RNA system.

Energy therapists arbitrarily say that this energy is informed inteligent. For the theory of dissipative structures Dr. So that it is becoming very difficult to open up a new emerging branch of Quantum-Bio-Physics aiming to develop a more deeper understanding of the information flow generated through most fundamental molecular quantum-level of biological structure.

Each code is not only a key but an entire body of knowledge, which once activated, will be released into the conscious mind. In fact this change of space time coordinates transforms the virtual status in an effective quantum particles transforming its potential information energy in an effective electromagnetic force.

This mind is the matrix and the primary cause for all matter. At that time, it is necessary to assist with intervention: Energy Healing Everyone Can Do” — a 9-segment e-course delivered to your email inbox every other day.

This quantum-holistic process triggers so-called biological resonance in the body. Click here to post comments. The human organism is described as a dissipative structure — nonlinear and open system, exchanging energy and information with the surroundings and is able to spontaneously organize themselves and regenerate. The effects on the human organism are manifold. In addition it is not clearly understandable how work the evolutionary rules, enclosed in the genome, determining so precise timing activities of enzymes during the molecular transformations.

[The bioquantum]. – PubMed – NCBI

The theoretical approach of DNA as an Antenna it is till now incomplete. As a result of examination of atoms I recognized the following: In fact biologists, till now, do not accept the challenge to define a physical interpretation of such signals, so that the scientific investigation of the communication of biological signals remain very limited. The effective presence of ” Gene-Ons ” can be identified exploring through fast spectroscopy methods able to detect the very low frequencies produced by the breaking of H-Bonds of the base pairs e.

This because the effective dynamic functions of proteins is a consequence of the three- dimensional folding and of other functional factors. Therefore it is clear that the living system certainly do nioquantum only depends only from the number of diverse proteins generated into a cell. This spectrum, has an exact correspondence in quantum —pulses, to the coding information of the gene, because it is emitted at the same time that the gene comes copied by the RNA.


He died in Paris on October 1, In mechanical reductionism of science forms are directly correlated with matter or energy interactivityall working in the same Euclidean Space Time. In fact w e know that from the point of view bio-electrical behaviour the closed and stable DNA is considered an bio-polymer ; hence a closed DNA bioqkantum not conducting as a wire any electromagnetic field.

It is Nature itself.

As a matter of facts information is related to both aspects: Sometimes, however, the body is no longer able to independently and automatically maintain homeostasis. Today we know that the subatomic quantum world is the foundation of our physical reality and existence. The most highly advanced information was accessed only through the subconscious mind, through dreaming, meditation and trance.

Today advancement on cognitive neuro-sciences consider the man male and woman as bioquantmu integral part of the communication on the Universe. Energy healing is not a replacement for conventional medicine. The above approach correlates two kinds of genetic transmissions in a way that the double interaction will be both considered as complemented aspect ; e. Sergei Sitko, Ukrainian quantum physics, the systematization add a fourth level, that is: Differently from my colleagues I think that to building on the notion of bio-chemical information, we need to better understand the basic concept of “catalysis”.

As a result the gene-information, that control the living dynamics, cannot be interpreted as a product of chaos but we believe that the highly structured information activities directed by the evolution catalytic adaptive exchanges among the triadic interaction of information, energy and matter that gradually produces macroscopic mutations that will be considered as quantum jumps in the evolutionary path.

To accept this model we need to choose: Stress and destruction of the natural balance of the organism are created by: