The ATTUNE Primary Total Knee System is designed with the goal of The INTUITION Instrumentation combines the surgical process with intuitive and efficient Please refer to the surgical technique guide or package inserts if included for a. The ATTUNE® Knee System is the largest ever research and development project from DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction. Novel testing protocols and. J&J Institute. Depuy Synthes Institute – advancing education and research. × Close ATTUNE Revision FB Knee System Surgical Technique views. Technique Guide. Other Resources*. knee. ATTUNE Revision RP Surgical Technique.

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Click here to visit http: Headless Compression Screws 4. Cementing Guidance for TKR. Please refer to the package depuy attune surgical technique and other labeling for depuy attune surgical technique complete list of indications, contraindications, precautions and warnings.

Open the catalogue to page 3. Unfortunately, total knee patients are not always satisfied with their outcome and report differing levels of satisfaction following surgery. Extensive research and science is included in the design to help improve functional outcomes for patients, performance for surgeons, and efficiency for providers. The surgeon design team was assembled into four sub-teams to assist in the design and development of the many different aspects of the ATTUNE Knee System.

Open the catalogue to page Minimally Invasive Posterior Instruments.

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These individuals are known as experts in their field of study, such as kinematics, anthropometrics, polyethylene wear, and design. Studies of total knee patients revealed that patients are not always satisfied with their outcome depuy attune surgical technique report differing levels of surrgical following surgery.

All medical devices have associated risks.

This diverse team has varying philosophies with regards to PCL management, implant fixation, bearing preferences, and surgical technique.

In addition, multiple trays and cases can make the surgical procedure less intuitive, which results in longer OR time and higher costs.

All inquiries can be submitted techniqe email to: The analysis found that the patients implanted with the ATTUNE Knee had statistically shorter length of stay and were more frequently discharged home vs. The INTUITION Instruments combine the surgical process with intuitive and efficient depuy attune surgical technique to allow the surgeon to balance the soft tissue and precisely control the implant position depuy attune surgical technique zttune for each patient. Hospital Need Total knee replacement procedures are complex and can be inefficient compared to other joint arthroplasty procedures due to the number and weight of surgical instruments used.


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The LOGICLOCK Tibial Base has a patented central locking design that provides the architecture for the system that optimizes kinematics, while reducing backside micromotion to the depuy attune surgical technique reported levels in the industry. Surgeon Design Team The surgeon design team represents key experts from seven countries around the world. According to Baker et. However, it is also a complex procedure.

External Collaboration Various research specialists from leading academic institutions were brought together to collaborate with the engineers from DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction and the surgeon design team. At the same time, hospitals are challenged to treat more patients with more efficient use of resources. Historical methods for researching total knee designs were critically reviewed and as a result, new testing methods were developed, providing tools not previously depuy attune surgical technique in the industry.

MultiLoc Humeral Nailing System. If you would like to report a potential cybersecurity vulnerability in any of our products, please refer to our Responsible Disclosure Reporting website.

If you are a atttune, click here.

Open the catalogue to page 7. The proprietary S-curve of the SOFCAM Contact is designed to provide a smooth engagement for gradual femoral rollback and stability in flexion, while reducing stresses transferred to the tibial spine.

ATTUNE® Knee System | DePuy Synthes Companies

While total depuy attune surgical technique replacement surgery can be a highly successful procedure, in some cases, patients report dissatisfaction or the implant fails prematurely. Please direct all other requests attunne one of the depuy attune surgical technique DePuy Synthes Companies or career inquiries email addresses located on this page.

Open the catalogue to surgocal 6. With the goal of improving implant performance and patient satisfaction, the development process started with a foundation of understanding how the native knee moves and how traditional knee designs function in comparison. Open the catalogue to page 8. Related Searches Irrigation pump Retractor Drill surgical power tool Patient monitor Suture thread Compact patient monitor Proximal osteotomy plate Suture anchor Electrosurgical device Interference screw Bone support Needle electrode Surgery electrode Embolization coil Bone substitute Interbody fusion cage Wrist external fixation system Polyaxial pedicle screw Adult spinal osteosynthesis unit Coagulation electrode.

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Please refer to the other divisions of this site for specific procedures. New knee replacement technology and added demands for faster and less invasive surgeries have increased the complexity tedhnique sterile processing. This vastly experienced team provided the diversity needed to create a knee system to accommodate surgeons and patients around the world. Each surgeon provided valuable insight and guidance within their Open the catalogue to page 4. The deput clinical results of the ATTUNE Knee are promising and include data from national registries, company initiated studies and investigator initiated studies, as noted in the articles and papers below.

Surgeons are often faced with managing different patient anatomies technisue difficult intra-operative decisions. This research began with the depuy attune surgical technique of fluoroscopic studies.

Certain functional activities, such as walking up and down stairs or bending down to greet their grandchildren, These features are designed to provide greater residual pull off strength attune a range of simulated intra-operative conditions and the presence depuy attune surgical technique lipid infiltration. At the same time, the demand for joint arthroplasties and increase in hospital costs is causing a significant economic burden to society.

Currently, knee replacement procedures require multiple heavy instrument cases, making it difficult to handle the instruments.