+ Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (eigrp) Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: Does EIGRP support secondary addresses? Question2 . EIGRP Interview Questions and Answers. Networking Terms, Windows By Waqas Azam On January 7, No Comments. 17 Sep EIGRP Interview Questions. Description. EIGRP To sumarize: ip summary- address eigrp [AS] [IP] Reply – Used to answer a query (unicast).

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After 16 unacknowledged re-transmissions, the neighbor is removed from the neighbor table. It does this by sending LSA packets. Why eigrp is called hybrid protocol? EIGRP holds on processing all multicast packets that come eigrp interview questions and answers on that interface. I really appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your next post thanks once again.

Only the one with the best metric the successor is placed in the routing table. The routes leading to a destination are found in the topology table.

There are protocol-independent and -dependent debug commands. Eigrp sends a query when a route is lost and another feasible route does not exist in the topology table. With graceful shutdown, a goodbye message is broadcast when an eigrp routing process is shutdown, to inform adjacent peers about the impending topology change Please leave your comments Eifrp stands for eigrp interview questions and answers number. The total distance to the destination. The mask argument can be configured in any format such as in a network mask or in wild card bits.

Only the one with the best metric the successor is placed in the routing table Interrview you remove the eigrp stub command from the switch, the switch that runs the IP Base image throws this error: A feasible successor is a path whose reported distance is less than the feasible distance, and it is considered a backup route.


It supports rigrp ability to match the metric of incoming and outgoing routes learned via the offset list eigrp interview questions and answers match metric route map commands.

EIGRP Notes with Interview Questions

EIGRP also supports automatic summarization of network addresses at major network borders. It will reset the complete topology table. By default unequal load balancing happens for 4 paths and maximum 6. Conditions for eigrp neighbors.

What are the primary functions of the pdm? Eigrp is a classless routing protocol while igrp is a classful routing protocol 3. The Hold timer can also be adjusted on a per interface basis: In addition, the implementation of partial and incremental updates means that eigrp sends routing information only when a topology change occurs.

Why does the eigrp passive-interface command remove all neighbors for an eigrp interview questions and answers

EIGRP Interview Questions and Answer | Online Networks Solution

What happen when we enable passive interface in eigrp? Since eigrp always sources data packets from the primary address, cisco recommends that you configure all routers on a particular subnet with primary addresses that belong to the same subnet.

The split horizon rule prohibits a router from advertising a route through an interface that the router itself uses to reach the destination. One drawback to this method is that eigrp installs a 0. Egirp protocol was designed by cisco systems as a proprietary protocol, available only on cisco routers.

Else we can also use Load, Reliability and MTU but that will make it very eigrp interview questions and answers and metric will become variable due to variable nature of Load and Reliability. In order to do this you need to use a questlons, as shown here:. What are the commands we use to check eigrp neighborship and eigrp topology table? Some of these commands are: Some important points to remember about eigrp split horizon are: These tables are eigrp interview questions and answers for reliable and sequenced delivery of packets.


Are you a person with commendable knowledge in computer networking?

EIGRP Interview Questions and Answers CCNP | Networker Interview

Acknowledgment packets are Unicast. Routing Protcol Interview Questions. EIGRP also maintains different tables of each routed protocol. These are the primary functions of PDM: Before that, a linked list of pointers to items to send is created for eigrp interview questions and answers, the thread.

Enhanced interior gateway routing protocol EIGRP is an advanced distant —vector routing protocol that is used on a computer network for automating routing decision and configuration. EIGRP also mutes sending multicast packets on that interface. It requires only the routers affected by a topology change to perform route re-computation. Feasible successor means alternate or Backup route. What eigrp interview questions and answers the eigrp stub routing feature? The goodbye message is broadcast when an eigrp routing process is shut down to inform adjacent peers about the impending topology change.

What are the different packets in eigrp? Thus, it sends the poison squashed message. Security and Networking notes prepared for self study. Condition for choosing Feasible successor. The eigrp split horizon behavior is not controlled or influenced by the ip split-horizon command.