In Musimathics, Loy teaches us the tune, providing a friendly and spirited tour of the mathematics of music—a commonsense, self-contained introduction for the. “Mathematics can be as effortless as humming a tune, if you know the tune,” writes Gareth Loy. In “Musimathics,” Loy teaches us the tune, providing a friendly . A commonsense, self-contained introduction to the mathematics and physics of music; essential reading for musicians, music engineers, and anyone interested.

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Preview — Musimathics by Gareth Loy. The author does a decent job bringing together information on a very large topic.

Volume I: Musical Elements

The book is crystal clear, so that even advanced issues appear simple. Reprint editions are now available for both volumes that correct almost all errata from the first printings.

You can tell which print version you have by looking at the numbers at the bottom of the copyright page, which count down from Cycling ’74 musimafhics be closed Monday, October 8th.

The way in which musical notes themselves work — as mathematical constructs — is amply covered. But if we wish to understand the precise mechanism of a dynamical system so as musimathjcs accurately predict its behavior over time, the initial conditions must be known exactly. In Volume 1, Loy presents the materials of music notes, intervals, and scales ; the physical properties of music frequency, amplitude, duration, and timbre ; the perception musimathicd music and sound how we hear ; and music composition.


Amelia rated it it was amazing May 16, Problems aside, musimathicz book is cool because there isn’t another book that compiles all this info into one volume. He is President of Gareth, Inc. Musimathics is available from your local independent bookstore, and from most Internet book stores: The Mathematical Foundations of Music, Volume 1 4. Jun 16, Tom rated it really liked it.

Musimathics: The Mathematical Foundations of Music, Volume 1

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. David Longo rated it really liked it May 30, He usually manages to introduce a topic with something new and interesting… the origins of the word, algebra [volume 2, page ], for instance; why imaginary numbers are needed [volume 2, pages ]; the exact reason for the Doppler effect [volume 1, page ]; the very heading of the section which addresses temperament, “The Powers of the Fifth and the Octave Do Not Form a Closed System” [volume 1, page 66].

Dec 20, Carl rated it it was amazing.

Fewer still that do it well; and are at the same time comprehensive and accessible, accurate and usable by the specialist and general listener, performer and composer.

Fingerprinting a Resonant System. The weather from day to day is never exactly the same. Return to Book Page.

Musimathics: The Mathematical Foundations of Music, Volume 1 by Gareth Loy

If it’s the former, then I can take some small comfort that I may not be alone. Muimathics — yes, unfortunately, errors have been found in Musimathics. Those with school algebra and physics who are performers, engineers, composers, listeners will almost inevitably get much from Musimathics. Apr 15, Doni rated it really liked it Shelves: The book explains the mathematics and physics of music for the reader whose mathematics may not have gone beyond the early undergraduate level.

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In Musimathics, Loy musimathids us the tune, providing a friendly and spirited tour of the mathematics of music–a commonsense, self-contained introduction for the nonspecialist reader.

Everything, every idea, process, reason, cause and concept is made clear and uncluttered. It musimatuics designed for musicians who find their art increasingly mediated by technology, and for anyone who is interested in the intersection of art and science.

Our ears gloss over these differences, hearing sound categorically. There were a lot of errors in the musical notation, which makes me wonder how much of the math and physics have errors.

Yes, Loy’s expositions are usually as clear as you can imagine. Being that I have a fairly deep understanding of mathematics, I found most of explanations of mathematics to be a waste of time but if you are reading this book I started reading this book because I was hoping that I could leverage my muximathics background to learn some music theory.

The examples given are all practical problems in music and audio. Begin with the first.