Understanding the Yoruba Religious beliefs and concepts. Itan / Pataki ( singular and plural) is the Yorùbá term for the sum total of all Yorùbá myths, songs. Pataki of Obara (6). 1) The King of a town went to consult with Ifa and he predicted that the treason would come from his court. The King did not believe since half. A patakí is a brief story used in Santería and Ifá. Contents. 1 Definition; 2 Oral tradition There are many discrepancies on pronunciations, and written forms of some of the Yoruba words in Lucumí literature. Many words are Spanish. Because.

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English to Yoruba p. Seventh child- DADA first female. English to Yoruba b. The first confrontation yirubas Shango and Ogun. Invader of the world. Samba drink of Ogun.

Tres Leches cake 3 milks cake. Once again Jegbe landed on the ylrubas step of Eleggua and this time Eleggua marked the ebo with firewood, epo and the clothes he was wearing.

Olokun – Wikipedia

As Olokun did this to drown the humans, the orishas went to Orunmila to ask him what to do. Shango saysto know a lot about something you have to dedicate time and love and invest in your futureLater you will receive your just reward for doing so. Time passed and things got worse and the Iris began to wither and dry up. English to Yoruba k. English pqtakies Yoruba o. Formation of the earth.

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Itan /Pataki of Creation as told by the Orisha – The Yoruba Religious Concepts

The eleventh child the phenomenon. Fifth child – Eleggua.

Prayer for the orisha when throwing Obi. Of course at the end was Eleggua still beaming from ear to ear for winning the best food and he opened his plate and what did Obatala see …Yes! English to Yoruba u.

He had to know what it was: English to Yoruba p. A tangled web of confusion.

Iroso 4 mouths speaking. Obatalacould hardly get enough. Basic Interpretation of Oyeku.

Olodumare talks to Ibu Kole. Boiled snails in milk.

Lastly Olodumare turns to the mother of creation. Shango takes Oya from Oggun. Ose 5 mouths speaking. Rice Pudding for Obatala. English to Yoruba h.

When all his messengers returned so did his children. English to Yoruba q. Yemaya becomes the Apetebi woman of Orula.

English to Yoruba t. Transformation of Mayelewo to Ibu Okoto. Black eyed pea cakes and Corn Cakes. Shango discovers Oba cut off her.

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Words that begin in Yoruba with First child -Argayu Shola. Eyioko 2 mouths speaking.

That day Eleggua told the Iris to made a ebo with Olokun at the ocean with a jicaraowo, and feathers, Later he told the Iris in order to complete the ebo he needed to take water from the stream and pour it in the ocean. In West African areas directly adjacent to the coast, Olokun takes a male form among his worshipers, while in the hinterland, Olokun is a female deity. As he watched his family slaughter themselves.

The Marriage of Earth and Water. The first confrontation of Shango and Ogun. Shango meets Asojano on the way.