The SEMI E30 GEM standard describes how communications and control capabilities should be supported between a factory host (MES) and production. GEM SEMI standard (Generic Model for Communications and Control of Manufacturing Equipment) describes how a semi-conductor equipment shall. Introduction to the SEMI Standards: SECS/GEM. Page 2 of – NOTICE -. The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice.

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Define all reports and its associated variables as defined in out ToolModel1. This method is our sample application entry point to trigger a series of methods to be executed in daisy-chain fashion. Logger “Delete all report not accepted.

SECS/GEM Standards Overview

Spooling is the ability for the equipment to save an ordered sequence of messages that would have been communicated to the host during a period when host communication is interrupted. Net semiconductor station controller.

Logger “Enable Alarms not accepted by equipment. These fairly generic mechanisms can be useful in a variety of ways with the underlying message types already specified by the standards. This is the original messages sent and received in the SecsToTool.

It is feasible to run dozens of SECS interface connections on a typical desktop computer. The rest of the following code, shows how to handle the reply or acknowledgement from equipment and continue the daisy chain execution until it hits the final line.


Introduction to new SECS/GEM driver using

A convention exists for the Function values used in message conversations. If you are finding real value in SECS Trace Reporting, particularly in a production setting, we would like to hear from you. Following are a few examples. Data exchanged on the SECS interface can be automatically captured in log files organized by date and saved in compressed archive files. Support Home Support Log In email: The following code shows you how to perform initialization and establish communication with equipment using SecsToTool.

A Process Program is an equipment specific data set that has an identifier and that specifies the processing of material.

There are message types defined in Stream 7 for discovering the Process Programs residing on the equipment, transferring Process Programs to the host uploading or to the equipment downloadingor deleting a Process Program at the equipment.

The driver level software encapsulates equipment variation so that a uniform command interface is provided to upper level software. Our Datahub software can give you an elegant mechanism for capturing, organizing and distributing real-time production data. This is the value of standards and true interoperability – the factory is not restricted to using a proprietary operating system or buying a proprietary interface package provided by the equipment vendor.

Solutions Solti is providing solution and support to integrate your semi-conductor equipment to SECS-GEM factory networks The layers on which we focus are the one that are mostly needed for a test equipment: Niche Applications An equipment provider can deploy multiple SECS interfaces if he allows for coordinating machine control, for example by indicating to the extra host connections that the machine is under local control.


GEM requires sece alarm set and alarm clear transitions are also reported as data sevs events. The hostController subscribe to events: Before you begin reading this further, please download a copy of the SDK at http: Diagnostic and Support Features There is sufficient complexity with SECS and automation applications in general that support issues in the field are not uncommon.

Delete all reports acknowledgement. It also defines the secx of equipment when interfacing with the host.

SECS/GEM – Wikipedia

This is another feature that is commonly supported for demonstrations and example sfcs but sees less use in production. Often both protocols are supported.

You could declare a proper EventArgs which compliant to the. Take advantage of the Datahub SDK! The distinction is that a Data Value Variable does not always have a valid value. Also, there are complexities of different formats being possible for a given message type, and different data type representations of data items.