25 Oct Mit der Shimano XT Di2-Gruppe werden nun auch XT-Schaltungen im Die elektronische Shimano XT Di2-Schaltung wird in den ROTWILD. Kettenschaltung kontrollieren und nachstellen Kette prüfen. . Montageteile für Shimano Nexus Nabenschaltung 37 dann müssen Sie die Länge neu einstellen. .. Achtung! Beachten Sie auch die beigefügte Betriebsanleitung des. Shimano Components. Manuals Shimano Components. Go to Fox Forks. Manuals FOX Shox. Go to Fox Setup AMS Series. Manuals.

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Danach lassen sie sich jedoch einfach wie bei jedem anderen Rad abziehen. Are there any errors shown when you do checks with the app? I have the bike since 2 weeks and even the bike is off, the wheel turns anytime sometimes one turn shijano more ….

Tobias Isakeit – Hi guys, I am experiencing an issue that has been recorded from others as well in the past. Joerg Bucher – Wir schauen kurz auf die Shiimano. Should I use a knife? Eine Kappe muss entfernt werden, bevor der Kurbelabzieher angesetzt werden kann.

What did you use to open the lid Tobi? Only show einstelleen screen, the same screen when you’re stopped. Am anderen Ende des Fahrrads ziehen wir den Gummigriff ab und entfernen den Schaltgriff. But to get it off, you need to grab it very tight and turn it counter-clockwise. Thank you very much for your kind reply. Googly Head – Have you successfully fixed it yet?


I have the bike since 2 weeks and even the bike is off, the wheel turns anytime sometimes one turn sometimes more … Do you anleitng it? Doing the einxtellen within the app for the bike, I got notified that there is a problem with the front wheel and the left side of the cable. You have to sideload the APK, for example here. I just got the bike and my mother fell with the bike and she hit the screen.

There is a firmware update. Carefully ; but with the help of a side cutter. The light looks as if it is sealed from both sides, front and back.

Kann es sein, dass der Motor hergestellt wird von: Bike dimensions folded are: Gebremst wird per Hand, da das Hinterrad einen Freilauf hat.

I tried unplugging the cable from the controller and the front wheel can be turned backwards without such resistance. I am wondering if the two saddle clamps can be replaced. Same for the speed therefore the problem must be in the motor 2. Wir starten am Sattel, welcher am Einfachsten zu entfernen ist: Have a good day my friend. Martin Hammer – Hi Dusan, Here is the tutorial: The problem is that suddenly the screen turns off and runs out of energy!

Shimano XT Di2: Acht Fragen zur neuen elektronischen Mountainbike-Schaltung – Rotwild

Hi, Please can someone help me with the gears? Maybe it is only a connector that is loose I opened the black cable from the motor as in the post below and found one of the three the blue one fat wires inside out of 9 in total cut. I could einstel,en check in some way that the screen is causing the bike to turn off? Wir greifen zu einem Jimmy und dem iFixit Opening Tool und versuchen, uns an der Abdeckung vorbei zu arbeiten — ohne Erfolg, nicht einmal unter der Einwirkung von Hitze.


Here is link to fix: I don”t want to destroy anything The back black part of the light is one single schaltunt part if I see this right. I greatly appreciate your kind suggestions and your helpful information. Do you know if it could be replaced by a foldable adjustable handlebar? You may want to check the cable on the left hand side of the fork if it is connected properly see second picture in step It labels plus and minus for the 42V so far so good but what is the e.

I have another important concern: Hello Herald, The item from the link is no longer available.

I ordered a new cable and I am waiting for my delivery. Bayu Oktaviantino – Ein A programmierbarer linearer Hall-Effekt-Sensor. I solved same issue following the instruction of the user julferber see page 2.