Buy Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Main by Simon Armitage (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. 31 Jan Simon Armitage explores Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and reflects on how he approached his own translation of the poem. Author: Simon Armitage. Buy Sir Gawain and the Green Knight on Amazon. ‘It’s not surprising that, as a northerner, Armitage feels a strong affinity with the poem.

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Its comparatively recent rediscovery acts as a further draw; if Milton or Pope had put their stamp on it, or if Dr Johnson had offered an opinion, or if Keats or Coleridge or Wordsworth had gasain it into their orbit, such an invitation might now appear less forthcoming. Armitage simplifies the terminology of chivalry and the hunt, presumably fearing that modern readers can take only so much donning of hauberks and gralloching of deer.

In other words, the ambition has been poetry. Which court do you come from and what are you called? The percussive patterning simon armitage sir gawain and the green knight the words serves to reinforce their meaning and to countersink them within the memory.

Sir Gawain rides again – Telegraph

The gatecrasher lays down a seemingly absurd challenge, involving beheading and revenge. No portion of the animal seems to escape the hunter’s knife or the poet’s eye, with some of the more grisly portions being guzzled by the dogs or tossed into the woods for the crows.

So within the strictures and confines of this very formal piece we detect a human presence, the Gawain poet, a disciplined craftsman who also liked to run risks and take liberties. simon armitage sir gawain and the green knight

Incidents which, on their own, wouldn’t have amounted to anything much, but when taken together seemed like some kind of big hint. But the man whose calligraphy we ponder – a jobbing scribe, probably – was not the author.


Sir Gawain rides again.

The farmer told me he’d had bison here as well, and other creatures of the prairies and steppes. This is a middle-modern poetry, oddly cohesive as it transcribes a 15th-century poetry into misplaced archaisms. To a contemporary kniight, one interested in narrative and form, and to a anr simon armitage sir gawain and the green knight not only recognises plenty of the poem’s dialect but detects an echo of his own speech rhythms within the original, the urge to blow a little warm breath across that layer of frosting eventually proved irresistible.

On the side of order, we have the repetition of sounds, the very particular number of verses, and the rhyme and rhythm of the “bob and wheel” sections.

Not just a knight wearing green clothes, but a weird being whose skin and hair is green, and whose horse is green as well. They are indeed very nice, and beautifully reproduced.

It was kind of horrible, kind of beautiful. Or we might say a midlander.

The linguistic epicentre of simon armitage sir gawain and the green knight poem has been located in the area of the Cheshire-Staffordshire-Derbyshire border. But he loses the original’s Norse-tinged knottiness, so apt for the crags and wastes that Gawain explores in his search for the green chapel; for a truer flavour readers should turn to J. There is knowledge I need, including your name, then by wit I’ll work out the way to your door and keep to our contract, so cross my heart.

A bit later, I was standing in the yard in a pair of borrowed wellies when the single crack of a high-velocity rifle – like a wooden ruler snapped across the knee – echoed around the walls of the outbuildings.

Review: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight by Simon Armitage | Books | The Guardian

But medieval society lived hand in hand with nature, and nature was grreen much an enemy as a friend. Yet much is surprisingly relevant now — not the environmental message that Armitage lamely hints at in his introduction, but the psychological depth and the cinematic zooming and intercutting, which make a tantalisingly erotic comedy out of Gawain’s simon armitage sir gawain and the green knight interlude just before his rendezvous with the Greeb Knight.


Like Telegraph Books kniggt Facebook. He would appear to have set himself a series of rules, then consciously and conspicuously gone about bending them. The farmer gave me a running commentary on all the bits and pieces, especially those which crop up in the poem, such as the knot, the chine and the slot.

The alliteration is the heartbeat of the poem, spread thickly about its surface.

Sir Gawain finds his voice after 600 years

Looking back, I see that I began work on the translation while Knoght was in Argentina. Get the best at Telegraph Gren. Over the years there have been dozens, possibly hundreds of translations of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, ranging from important scholarly restorations to free-handed poetic or prose versions to exercises in form and technique by students of Middle English. In the story of Gawain, Armitage has found a language capable of change. Wednesday 25 July By insisting on that change, he has found a simon armitage sir gawain and the green knight poetry, a method of survival.

The poem is also a ghost story, a thriller, a romance, an adventure story and a morality tale. From a little paper bag I pull out six or seven postcards.

Sir Gawain rides again

simom Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is a poem that succeeds through a series of vivid contrasts: I read Tolkien’s translation when I was in my mids; not surprisingly for someone who had studied and decoded the original text, his is a highly faithful rendition. The lady says, “We have some nice postcards of them. But it is the lines that fall somewhere between those extremes – ssimon majority of lines, in fact – which fascinate the most.