11 Apr Decoding Reality: The Universe as Quantum Information By Vlatko Vedral Oxford University Press £, pages. FT Bookshop price: £. 9 Apr A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Decoding Reality by Vlatko Vedral. Decoding Reality (paperback). “In Decoding Reality, Vlatko Vedral offers a mind- stretching look at the deepest questions about the universe–where everything.

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It creates the number 2 by observing an empty set within the second empty set and the number 1, and so on. Looking at the world through the focused lens vlatko vedral decoding reality Shannon information and i I wrote a couple of vlatko vedral decoding reality of notes on the book. For personal interest, I pay more attention to the use of Info Theory in studying social dynamics, but I found the arguments made about mutual information and phase transition is quite a decodijg.

Aaand that’s the essence of what is Professor Vedral conveying to us.

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Still chuckling to myself that philosophers take themselves and their “work” so seriously. This book is mostly about application of Shannon’s information theory in a variety of areas.

It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. You may be very surprised to hear that even scientists balk vlatko vedral decoding reality the thought of yet another equation.

Be a global citizen.

First, the role of information vlatko vedral decoding reality the defining, interdisciplinary quantity of all the sciences. I’m used to science writing by people who are first and foremost authors, so reading this – written by a Physics professor at Oxford and the National University of Singapore – was quite jarring. For example, a human performed macro-level scientific test in search of a behaviour in a quantum particle could set parameters for that type of particle in the future when subjected to a similar test.

Some examples work very well in this regard, for example a card game and variations on it vlatko vedral decoding reality from an Italo Calvino-story. I thought it was the same as superposition.

The most fundamental definition of reality is not matter or energy, he writes, but information–and it is the processing of information that lies at the root of all vlatko vedral decoding reality, biological, e In Decoding RealityVlatko Vedral offers a mind-stretching look at the deepest questions about the universe–where everything comes from, why things are as they are, what everything is. I do see something in the idea that the connection between entropy and area rather than volume is somehow related to the concept of quantum information but I cannot swallow the use of the Emptiness buddhist concept let alone that the definition given for it is far from accurate or the final analogy with the card game with no cards.

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The content is vlatko vedral decoding reality clearly, and the author’s writing style is enjoyable.

Genetic code as an efficient digital information store, containing built in codon vlatko vedral decoding reality for error correction in transcription. The ideas challenge our concept of the nature of particles, of time, of determinism, and of reality itself.

Decoding Reality: The Universe as Quantum Information by Vlatko Vedral

He went beyond Shannon to Quantum Information. May 09, Sarah rated it did not like it Shelves: But, still we need events first that will enable us deriving laws.

More detailed comments are as follows: We can optimize our stock market portfolio LOPSexplain why nature has ‘decided’ upon digital encoding, and even make better diet decisions! Levertijd We doen er alles aan om dit artikel op tijd te bezorgen. He’s also a very funny writer. That said, it is not necessarily an easy book to read without vedfal good understanding of vlatko vedral decoding reality topics.

The vlqtko minded non-physicist need only read the epilogue to understand Vedral’s entire argument. Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs.

Professor Vedral will postulate the premise that the entire reality is just a flow decpding information exchange between vlatko vedral decoding reality void, the darkness, where the void is a source, and the realm is that we create by processing information the void is emitting to us.

Vedral tends to wander in his argument, which is distracting. He outlines Claude Shannon’s theory of information and “entropy” an apocryphal tale has John von Neumann suggesting the name to him on the grounds that no-one understands what it means.

Vedral however sees this content as ultimately limitless as possibly maximum entropy is never reached as compression of complexity is an open vlatko vedral decoding reality process and random events will continue to occur.

In earnest, the vlatko vedral decoding reality loses his shit for a couple of pages talking vlatko vedral decoding reality entropy, diet, and Anthropogenic global warming. As for me, it is worth to read to those who want to understand quantum information more.

This relationship bares a resemblance to deccoding classical definition of the second law of thermodynamics: I also found that some of the easy parts are a little bit long, while the hardest topics do not have enough support material.

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Alle prijzen zijn inclusief BTW en andere heffingen en exclusief eventuele verzendkosten en servicekosten. A very interesting books full of intriguing ideas. I vlatko vedral decoding reality i got a lot out of this book, the subject is very interesting and the author did have a lot of passion for it, all this even though the authors style was sometimes confusing for example jumping between metaphors of casinos, reailty brokers, card games etc.

Decoding Reality

The ideas vlatko vedral decoding reality our concept of the nature of particles, of time, of vvedral, vlatko vedral decoding reality of reality itself. A nice book for a reader in search of a introduction to some basic information theory and quantum mechanics, a bad book for a reader that searches for the answer to everything sic!

Vedral compares the process of life to John von Neumann ‘s self replicating automata. Seeing as the laws are created by our interactions with nature, ever susceptible to Popperian falsification, and nature exists according to the laws, the two exist in a cycle, in which an observer vlatko vedral decoding reality necessary to both measure matter and to cause it to exist.

Hardcoverpages. Views Read Edit View history. All I can accept including the end, the Destruction ab toto, but not before the Symmetry breaking, the First cut, xecoding Prior Cause is explained. Orthofer9 Vlatko vedral decoding reality Six degrees of separation means well connected people tend to be more successful as their social networks expose them to more chances to make choices they want. As a result, experts and non-experts alike have so far been avoiding popularizing this concept in a detailed and precise way.

This act, which we consider as completely random, i. This first event sets in motion a chain reaction in which, once one voatko has been decided, the rest of the Universe needs to proceed in a consistent manner. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Aug 23, Aaron rated it liked it.

An easy read with good scientific background. The last part of the book is over-speculative. Whose Information is It, Anyway?